SheRecovery Podcast with Crystal Renaud Day

S3 E1: Whole New Year - Surrender - Stop Trying to Be the Boss

January 03, 2022 Crystal Renaud Day and Gina Renaud Season 3 Episode 1
SheRecovery Podcast with Crystal Renaud Day
S3 E1: Whole New Year - Surrender - Stop Trying to Be the Boss
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Show Notes

In the Season 3 opener of the SheRecovery Podcast, Crystal introduces you to this special 13-week Whole New Year podcast series. At SheRecovery, we are walking through 90 Days to Wholeness both in our virtual meetings as well as on our podcast as a way to start the new year off—not just recovery-minded—but spiritually minded. Throughout this series, Crystal along with her special guest Gina Renaud (her amazing, super discipleship-rich mom) discuss each of the steps outlined in the 90 Days to Wholeness™ recovery devotional from a spiritual wholeness perspective. In this episode, they kick off the series with the first step: Surrender.

Definitions of Surrender:

MacMillan Online Dictionary

  1. To say officially that you have been defeated and will stop fighting
  2. To give control over a place or person to someone who defeated

Gateway Bible Dictionary

  1. Accepting that the battle has been won, not on your terms, and you are willingly giving your life over to the Authority of the winning side

The enemy of your soul, the devil initially enticed you to view pornography or engage in unhealthy sexual behaviors or other sinful activities. He lied to you, then slowly trapped you. Making you, his slave to things that are no longer pleasurable. He hates you because he hates God. The lover of your soul, the Lord God through Jesus has come to set you free. He tells the truth because He is the Way, the TRUTH and the Life. He gives you life and the opportunity to know and serve God freely. He accepts you as His child and loves you. He gives you the desires of your heart.

We are a triune being created by God, also a Triune being – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. You have a body, soul, and spirit. Your soul is also 3 parts made of the mind, emotions, and will.

You need more than behavior modification to recover. Real recovery is a part of Wholeness. To get there, you will need to engage your body, your emotions, and your spirit. God has the answers you are looking for, and your spirit through faith is the vehicle to get you there.

The steps of SCARS – Surrender, Confession, Accountability, Responsibility, and Sharing found in 90 Days to Wholeness works as a map or navigational chart. You will gain the peace and strength you long for as you travel this road. This is what we at SheRecovery desire and pray for you, too.

Scriptures Helps

  • Romans 12:1-2 MEV
  • 1 Corinthians 6:18-20 MEV
  • James 7:14 MEV

Resources Referenced:

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